Vitamin Candy Manufacturers

1. Tasty Dose of Vitamins

Swan Sweets has been satiating the sweet tooth of the nation for almost two decades and has emerged as one of the most innovative vitamin candy manufacturers in India. Our vitamin candy has entered the list of our client’s favorites because off the flavor and benefits.

We have taken our time to research the offerings of other candy suppliers in the market to create a recipe that appeals to all taste buds and offer the much needed vitamin dose. We take pride in proclaiming that our candies are full of flavor, difficult to resist, and loaded with vitamins that are essential for human body.

2. Full of Flavor

Our candies are the perfect way to please your palette. We offer classic choices of orange, pineapple, mango etc. and continuously innovate with combinations that are exotic to keep on delighting you. We use natural fruit extracts to flavor our candies and stay away from artificial flavorings so that you benefit the most from our candies.

Besides flavor, our varieties can be segregated on the basis of vitamins as well. For instance, our vitamin C candy is a hot selling item with traditional orange flavor. Our candies leave a lasting flavor in your mouth and are a good way of ensuring that you experience pleasant feeling in your mouth.

3. Difficult to Resist

As one of the most creative candy manufacturers India, we take it upon ourselves to create candies that are difficult to resist. We tempt you with:

  • Colors that are super attractive. One of the most prominent aspects of a candy is the color which lures you. At Swan Sweet, we know that this little thing matters and that is why we offer single and multicolored candies.
  • Shapes that are fun. So, whether you like spheres, cuboids, or cubes, we have them all for you. We offer customization to provide candies in a variety of shapes that a client might want. This can include shapes of animals, stars, moon, etc.
  • Taste is what finally defines a candy. A lingering taste is what we long for when we put a candy in our mouth and that is exactly when Swan Sweet’s range of vitamin candy delivers. The taste of our candies range from classic to exotic and everything mouthwatering.

Loaded with Vitamins

Take your daily dose of vitamins with vitamin specific candies. It just easy to pop one in your mouth, and get rid of all deficiencies. Our range includes vitamin C candy, vitamin E candy, vitamin B candy, etc. We also offer candies that are nutritionally loaded with different types of vitamins all at once. We maintain a healthy balance of different types of vitamins like B1 and B2 along with vitamins C and E in a single candy that can be called a power candy.

Unlimited Supply

We are bulk candy suppliers with our own manufacturing facilities that can give competition to all vitamin candy manufacturers. The focus is on quality that includes fresh ingredients, hygienic manufacturing process, and strict packing conditions, etc. With all that we have to offer in terms of flavors, shapes, colors, etc., we are the best company to partner with if you are looking for candy manufacturers India.

Are You Tempted?

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